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Our CSR approach : preserving nature

The environment at the heart of our concerns

Our environment

Located in the heart of the Cantalien chestnut grove in the Massif Central, between two of France's great sites: Le Puy Mary and Conques, our goal is to take care of you by bringing you face to face with our wild and preserved nature in a unique place.

Our kitchen

Take local products, add the noble and rustic chestnut, mix with a good dose of commitment to flowers, bees, wild herbs and nature, season with the seasons, here is the raw material that gives all its strength to a modern and original cuisine. Our menus are published daily. 

Our garden

Discover endemic plants, aromatic plants and a variety of vegetables. This garden is made with organic soil and seeds in order to preserve our seeds from one year to the next so that the future plants can acclimatise. Techniques such as mulching are used to save water, a sensitive element.

Our team

We attach great importance to the men and women who work in our company. Professional and personal development is an essential factor for us.  International openness based on exchanges is also part of our daily work 

Our producers

It is on the basis of meeting and sharing the same values such as respect for nature that we choose our producers: Alice's poultry in Ayrens, the mead of Mr Fabien Kaczmarek in Marcolès Achat - Hydromel Apis Terrae - fabrication, history, online shop... - mead-apis-terrae , la Maison Laborie in Parlan Accueil, Sylvie Tourde de Marfon in Polminhac, le Rucher de Jojo de Joël Tardieu in Blagnac-sur-Célé, le Délice des Petites Abeilles in Leynhac - Isabelle et Sylvain GIACOTTI - Paysans bio
                        "Is there a recipe for being better tomorrow?
                                        Renaud Darmanin.