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Village Marcoles Cnatal

A charming hotel in Marcolès

Cantal and its treasures on your doorstep!

Marcolès, in the heart of Auvergne's authentic landscapes, has all the features and facilities for a most enjoyable stay in Cantal. The medieval village, classed a "Petite Cité de Caractère" (one of the most southerly in Auvergne), has a long and historic heritage, now restored, making it a major attraction for lovers of old stonework and fine walks through history (guided by discreet information panels).

Nestled at the heart of Cantal's Châtaigneraie region, Marcolès unveils its "carriérons" (picturesque paved alleys) which are perfect for a stroll, its 15th Century gate with arches and coats of arms, its noble houses with mullioned windows and vaulted cellars, its Gothic church with fine chapels, its artists and artisans...

The Esclops association offers guided tours for groups: "One day in Marcolès", exploring the village and discovering traditional trades (sabot workshop, blacksmith's forge), with lunch at the Auberge de la Tour. By appointment only, call 04 71 46 90 34.

The medieval village of Marcolès continues to buzz with life, making the most of its historic features to create a unique atmosphere for its numerous events and shows: Marcolès by Night in July (street theatre after nightfall with a focus on ancient tales), the Critérium international cycle race and Lez’arts street art in August (festival of live tableaux), the "Oven to Oven" walk, exploring heritage pathways in September, the November craft fair of local products and stalls from further afield...

And for those in search of family activities, there's the municipal swimming pool, tennis court, football pitch and other games for children nearby.

Monts du Cantal


Auvergne is the land of wide open spaces and volcanic landscapes par excellence. From the banks of the Allier river to the Cantal summits, from the wooded landscapes of the Haute-Loire to the dramatic contours of Puy-de-Dôme, the contrasts are striking.

Monts du Cantal


Superb landscapes, AOP rated cheeses, the biggest volcano in Europe..., a must-see destination!

Hikings Cantal


With hills and mountains, lakes and rivers, activities abound in every season: walking, mountain-biking, water-sports...